One of the many reasons I relay is present with me tonight! I love her so much and can’t believe she beat cancer! #ourelay #relay14 #senior #relay4life #R4L


"Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care."


I’m not sure who said this quote, but I sure am enjoying it right now.

With graduation just around the corner, I am beginning to see how some people truly are.  When you have friends that respect you and are truly excited for you, you need to respect and be excited for them equally.  These friends are loyal and are the ones that will support you no matter what.

Never take for granted anything tin the present, you don’t know how long it will be available to you. 

This may seem like something out of the ordinary for me, but when I read this quote it truly popped out at me and I believe more people need to read it and think about it.

31 days till I walk across the stage and will officially be done with my bachelors degree in meteorology.


Gary England spoke to #OUSCAMS today. I then got to walk with him and Bill Bunting in SPC. Thank you both for such a wonderful experience. I’ll post more pictures later. Thank you @wxshelby and @buntingjanice for taking the pictures of us. #senior #garyengland #meeting #wxnerd #okwx


As seen a few posts ago, I started a new hobby - Crochet.  My wonderful mother taught me while we waiting to get our nails done.  I found crochet to be a very simple project for me and I found it is relatively brainless.

My first project started as a pot holder, but I was unable to stay attentive long enough and kept dropping stitches - therefore I pulled out a lot of the stitches and made a coffee cup sleeve.

Once I finished this, I decided to make a hot pad for our kitchen.  I’m in love with this yarn, so I just want to continue making things with this color.  The pot holder was super easy and turned out great.

As this hobby continues, I will be making a blanket for one of my dear friends.  She is due at the beginning of May and I hope to have her blanket done not long after her baby boy is due.  I will soon be posting pictures of how this goes along with how my graduation is going.


Fun times with the roommate! @victoriaisboss practicing those AP art skills on my leg/foot and Whataburger runs for late dinner or snack :) love this girl and I’m not ready to say goodbye in 5 weeks :( #seniors #senior #roommates #whataburger #applepie


#capstone paper writing, music listening, and life planning. What do I want to be come graduation in less than 40 days?? #senior #unsure #metrprobs


Sunset in Denton on my way back to Norman @cbs11larry #texas #sunset #photo #texasskies #thisismyhome


Perks of having family in #setx seafood for dinner!! #springbreak2014 #cajun #seafood #innerfatkid #txfood #txgirl #texan


What did you do while getting a pedicure on Spring Break? I learned to #crochet :) I think I found a new hobby! #girltime #pedicure #hobby #senior #springbreak2014


I want to thank this sweet lady (@victoriaisboss) for waking me up this morning as she left :) I probably would have slept in and not truly be awake for this test at 9:30 if it wasn’t for you. Thank you and have an awesome Spring Break roomie! #roommate #springbreak2014